Rock lights are very popular and considered a necessity when driving off-road on a dark night. LED Rock lights come in various colored varieties to add style. They should be kept off in urban areas and used only for off-road trailing to preserve power. TOPCITY offers top quality LED rock lights for all varieties of vehicles.

Rock lights make it easier for drivers to see the area immediately around their truck or car. These lights are usually mounted directly in front of the vehicle to see the driveway ahead, but you can also install them at the rear to help you steer in reverse.

Rock lights can also be mounted on the sides to make it easier to enter or leave the vehicle. Almost all models and makes of vehicles are eligible for mounting rock lights, but they are more popular in off-road vehicles like trucks, APVs, and golf carts.

Apart from accentuating the vehicle’s look, rock lights also enhance the visibility of the vehicle and give you a safer driving experience. Most rock lights are built with LED technology because it is the most durable and allows installation in places where you can’t fit halogen bulbs.

LED rock lights also give you more color options.

Along with the safety offered by the LED chip itself, LEDs also have a metal case and glass coating that helps protect the chip. Lastly, LED rock lights come in combinations of single lights as well as 2, 3, or 4 LEDs mounted on a single pod.