R&D OVERVIEW

Topcity engineers have the ability to combine unique ideas and advanced technology into innovative and superior products. And, along the way, topcity has built a reputation for uncompromising quality.

The Topcity development facilities consist of design and research engineering; product manufacturing and Testing laboratory. The development team works together with our customers to bring a product from concept, through design and testing, into final production.


                 R&D OBJECTIVES

  • Meet and anticipate our customers’ needs and to offer competitive and safe products, while improving our technical edge.
  • Lean competence-center organization with project oriented product development.
  • Processes that enable, guide and help us to achieve our cost, time and quality targets in a most efficient way.
  • Team spirit that values loyalty, commitment and respect to guide us through ups and downs.


Sophisticated CAD/CAM systems allow rapid three dimensional modeling and design. State-of-the-art software allow, finite element analysis that ensures accurate detailed design techniques. With the development of a New Product Introduction Process Guide, cost effective product designs are assured for every level of production. The result is a highly reliable design consistent with the manufacturing processes to be used.

We support a comprehensive state of the art Project Management System that engages Cross Functional Teams who work based on Role Descriptions, Check sheets and Process Flow Charts to successfully bring the product from Feasibility to Start of Production ensuring Product-Quality, -Cost and -Time. Re-use, Lessons Learned and Best Practices are applied to overall improve product design and product ppm-rates. The Project Manager is the direct interface to the customer Project Team.


  1. Study Requirements & make BOM
  2. Electronic Design with PROTEL
  3. Prototype inhouse
  4. Prototype study/testing inhouse
  5. PCB Gerber Design
  6. Specification in Word
  7. Outsource Making of PCB
  8. ESD & EMC testing