About Topcity Auto Led Manufacturer


"We are passionate about designing and manufacturing the best-LED lighting products in the Market, with pricing that makes them available to everyone. -  Luis (Founder) 

Founded in 2007, from the very beginning TOPCITY set out to become leaders in high performance LED automotive  lighting. Key to our success has been our commitment to designing high quality, high performance LED lights at accessible prices.

Our state of the art manufacturing, design and testing processes is responsible for our LED driving lights being compared to the industries most respected players in both performance and quality. 

We keep 100% of our inventory in-house in our own fulfilment headquarters located in GuangZhou,China, giving us unmatched control of our entire supply chain and fulfilment processes. This allows us to dispatch the same business day so our customers receive their orders fast.   


Whether it be the locomotive, mining or automotive industry we invite you to leverage our design and production strength. Our capability includes PCB Design,Programm Design,MCU Control, Die Cast Parts, Extrusions, Injection Moulding, Sheet Metal, Rapid Prototyping. Our core competencies are Optical and Electrical Engineering with a team that has a long track record in some of the world's most revered lighting manufacturers. Whether your product concept has been sketched on a napkin or is ready for prototyping, we have the design and production capability to bring your projects to life.