What is CAN Bus Error Free Auto Led Bulbs

You Must Know About CAN Bus Need to Know before Replacing your Halogen or HID Bulb to LED Bulb

Well more modern vehicles are all about sensors, warnings and messages. When something goes wrong on your car, you’ll often get some sort of notification of this on your dash. This could be a simple warning light illuminating, or an actual written message.

CAN Bus means Controller Area Network Bus. This system monitors your vehicle and reports operating conditions. CAN Bus systems are commonly found in many European vehicles and some American vehicles. While most late model American vehicles have CAN Bus systems, it is always good to check with your vehicle dealer to see which system your vehicle has before purchasing electrical products.

What are CAN Bus Error Free LED bulbs?
CAN Bus Error Free LED bulbs are LED bulbs that have resistors that are internally/externally attached. European and asome American vehicles, such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Range Rover,Jaguar, Dodge, Chrysler, Mitsubishi, Jeep, Volkswagen, Volvo, are the typical candidates for these types of LED bulbs as the electrical system on these cars have sensors that detect whether the light is working or not.
Any questions, welcome to communicate with TOPCITY Since LED bulbs draw far less power than the original halogen or HID bulbs, the vehicle’s computer may think that the bulb is out so it'll throw an "error message" or "bulb out" warning the driver that the light is out; thus the name "error free". The resistor’s job is to mimic the power draw of the original halogen or HID bulbs to trick the computer to think that the bulbs are drawing the same rate of power so the vehicle does not throw any error messages.

Error free LED bulbs are most commonly used for exterior lights such as the turn signals, head lights, parking lights, license plate lights and more. Interior lights typically do not need error free bulbs, but for certain vehicles, it is required.

Can I use CAN Bus LED bulbs in non-CAN Bus applications?

CAN Bus LED bulbs SHOULD NOT be used in non-CAN Bus applications because in most cases they can cause other vehicle circuits to have problems. A CAN Bus LED bulb presents more resistance than the original bulb due to built-in resistors and may cause feedback into other circuits in the non-CAN Bus electrical system.

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