CREE 3SMD XB-D 36mm Festoon C5W White Euro Error Free Canbus LED Bulbs For Dashboards,indication solve Canbus errror codes

CREE 3SMD XB-D 36mm Festoon C5W White Euro Error Free Canbus LED Bulbs For Dashboards,indication solve Canbus errror codes

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Product Description

• Technology: Advanced Led Technology
• Socket: Festoon/C5WSocket
• Lumens: 300 LM
• Ploarity: Non-Polarity
• Range: 3* XB-D CREE High Power led chips 
• Rated Voltage: 9-18V Input Voltage
• Color Temperature: White: 6000K-6500K
• Application: High Power Automotive Canbus Led Bulb

These new 300+Lm blanket of light for the driver to increase safety and nighttime visibility. We choose 1860 chips allow for the increased Lumen output while still drawing less than half the power of the factory halogen bulb. These 1860 chips can endure 105 degree heat testing, also have excellent heat dissipation characteristics, making them extremely reliable even in harsh environments.

The new internal driver components were designed by Topcity and offer excellent performance in a smaller Double PCB,that can endure the start voltage from 12V to 18V input.and even the voltage change,the output power for LED Chips are same for best quality.

More illumination, increased reliability, and easier installation… all for LESS than before!

Product Features:
• Easy DIY Installation
• No Flickering/Flashing
• Non-Glare-Engineering
• Extended Durability
• Efficient Lighting
• Can-Bus Compatible
• Self Regulated Cooling
• Less Points of Failure
• Instant Start-up Light
• No Relay Harness Needed
• No High-Draw Ignition
• Less Amp/Power Draw
• One Bulb High/Low Beam
• 3 Year Warranty

Package Includes:
2 x TOPCITY Festoon/C5W 3SMD XB-D Canbus LED BULBS
2 x Festoon Inside LED Drivers

• Turn Lights
• Side Marker Lights
• Tail Lights
• Reverse Lights
• Brake Lights


Q - How to solve the canbus led bulbs?
A- There is a special IC design on built led Driver to output 3w !

Q - What is the advantage on these?
A- #6063 alumnium parts,best for heat,cool!

Q - What is the warranty on these?
A- There is a 3-year warranty on all Topcity Products

Q - What is the return policy?
A- Please click on the Returns link at the bottom of the page

Q - Do the lights dim at all?
A- When the headlights are on they are slightly less to reduce glare for oncoming drivers safety.

Q - How long will these last?
A- These lights are designed with the highest quality components are are designed to last for many years. We have some of our original sets still in operation from 3+ years ago

Q - Will they cause any errors or warning messages?
A- For Toyota ,Honda are ok,For EuroPean car need to buy topcity canbus led bulbs